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The Yes Dog! - Do interactive feeding toys really work?
October 27, 2023


Dog Trainer Nati here to bring you: 1 fun activity to do with your dog, 1 interesting piece of information, 1 pawsome product to make your life better, and a quote to think and bond with your pet.

Let's get into it...

1 Fun activity: The Hot and Cold Game

We talk to our dogs all the time, but do they understand what we say? 🐢 πŸ’¬ πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Most dogs will try to associate the words we use with what happens next, and they can all pick up out tone of voice.

By playing the hot and cold game, you can improve your dog's attention and listening skills. You can also help him better understand your tones and even some words.

πŸ’‘πŸŽ― Hot and Cold Game: This is a fun game to play with your dog and practice listening skills. Here are the steps.

  1. Hide a treat when your dog is not looking.
  2. Call your dog to you and give me the hot/cold clues as he moves around the space.
  3. If he moves towards the hidden treat say "Your are getting warmer, hot hot!" (or something like that) in a happy, excited and high pitch voice.
  4. If he moves away from the hidden treat, the say "You are getting colder, so cold!" (or something like that) in a caml, boring and low pitch voice.
  5. Celebrate together when he finds the treat, you can give me some extra treats for finding the hidden one too!
  6. The important part is to have fun and laugh.

New to dog training? Start by understanding basic dog training techniques to help your dog grow into a confident and obedient pet.

1 Interesting piece of information: Do interactive feeding toys really work?

Do interactive feeding toys really work? You;ve probably heard it -"Feed your dog from a bowl", -"It's better for the dog!" But, is this true. What evidence do we have?

A recent study by researchers in Thailand, recorded the behavior, cortisol levels and heart rate of 4 dogs under 4 different conditions (Eating from a bowl with the owner present or absent and eating from a toy with the owner present or absent) for 7 days. It turns out dogs may really benefit from eating from toys. Their results showed that feeding from a toy may reduce unwanted behaviors, cortisol levels, and HRV and increase active behaviors.

Eating from interactive toys stimulates your dog to do species specific behaviors, like chasing, hunting and other feeding behaviors. By letting your dog express these behaviors you help them reduce stress and be more calm afterwards.

Give your dog his first feeding toy! Petduro puzzle toy is a great one to start with

1 pawsome product to make your life easier

Does your dog spend hours alone while you are at work? Do you leave him with puzzle toys and enrichment but are still worried he is bored out of his mind?

Leave a little love onβ€”sign-up with DOGTV. I know, it sounds weird, but many dos do watch TV and enjoy it too. Maybe this is something your dog will like, try it and let me know!

We all need to work, dogs stay alone, at least let them watch TV with a show that they will enjoy.

A quote to think and bond with your pet

Hope you enjoy the information, now go and play with your dog!

Happy training,

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