Back home after 4 years

by Maurice
(Winnipeg ,MB, Canada.)

Dixie the run away dog!

Dixie the run away dog!

In 2009 we adopted a small dog from the humane society she was a retire breeder and was very skittish, as she spent most of her life in a cage. We named her Dixie and loved her just as much as any other dog.

In june 2010 based on our neighbors information a man entered the yard and tried to grab both our small dogs. Luckily, he was unsuccessful but Dixie manage to escape out the open gate. We spotted her a few times before she disappeared in the tall grass, we had lost her.

Flash forward 4 years we receive a call from the Pembina vet clinic, asking if were still looking for Dixie. YES! we are…She said, great! She has been turned in earlier this evening.

I was stunned and couldn’t help but ask if she was serious, she said yes. How can you be sure it is Dixie? I asked. She explained that it was a small black and white female Pomerinian and that the chip and tatto matched with her identity, our Dixie. I still couldn’t believe it, so, I blurted out_your kidding?!_ She said no, we have her, then asked why all the questions and for how long has she been missing…
...4 years...
So folks, tattoo and/or chip your dog, it’s worth it!

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