Dog Training and Behavior

Dog training and behavior are two things everyone should know to become their pet's best friend. Dog training is all about ways to make our dog's understand what we are asking of them and positive methods are the best!

Dog behavior is the study of how dogs communicate, how their social structure works and everything in between! When you understand your pet's behavior, you become a better trainer.

Many dog "problems" are actually natural dog behaviors that we humans do not understand or like. For example, puppies spend most of their time chewing and this con become a problem is the owner tries to stop this behavior, the best way is to redirect it!

Dog behavior is different throughout the dog's life, a puppy will do and need different things than an adolescent dog. That is why learning about the dog's different periods is very helpful and can prevent many problems.

What is dog behavior?

It is a group of specific actions or attitudes that makes dogs... well ...dogs!

Dogs are closely related to grey wolves, many of your hound's behaviors come from this evolutionary background.

Dog behavior includes:

  • How their social structure is organized.
  • How they communicate with each other.
  • How they react to different environments (new, threatening, friendly, etc.)
  • How they behave depending on their age of development.
  • How they interact with other species (including humans)
  • And much more!

Why is it important to learn about dog training and behavior?

It will make you a better trainer. Dog training and behavior are linked to each other. By knowing about both you will be able to notice, before anyone else, when your pooch is stressed or uncomfortable. This can be very useful, just take him away from that situation before something bad happens!

It will help you empathize with your canine friend. Most people think that their dogs do "bad things" (like chewing, peeing on the carpet or running away) to get "back at them" or some other ulterior motive. If you learn about dog behavior, you will understand why dogs react the way they do to certain things. Bad behaviors can be predicted and avoided! Dog training and behavior complement each other.

It will improve your cohabitation. If you know what your furry friend needs, you will be able to give it to him before problems arise!

A happy dog makes a happy owner.

Dog Body Language

We, humans, are verbal people. We like to talk and talk and talk and our beloved canine friends only hear....blah blah blah...

Dogs communicate differently than we do. One of the ways in which they "talk" to each other is through body language.

Learning your dog's body language will help you in many ways!

  • Prevent him from getting into trouble! Read subtle but clear signals in his body postures that can predict what he is about to do!
  • Avoid putting him in uncomfortable situations. Dogs show when they are afraid way before they bark or bite, learn to read these signs!
  • Observe your dog and learn what he likes and dislikes. Careful observation of body language will tell you what things your pet really enjoys, which you can then provide as rewards. Learning his aversions and fears will help you make his environment secure.
  • Use some body language yourself and make your furry best friend feel comfortable!

Read these articles and learn how to speak dog!

What is your dog saying? If you have a picture of your pet talking with his body you can share it here and tell us what he/she is saying! You can also ask questions about your pooch's body language.

Alpha dog?

For a very long time it was thought that to show your dog "who's the boss" you had to act as an alpha wolf! But what is an alpha wolf?

Alpha wolves were portrayed as aggressive creatures trying to get into power positions through fighting and forcefully taking over resources. This misconception came from studies done in wolves in captivity (like zoos and parks). Now scientists have new information from wild wolf packs! Learn the "Secrets of an Alpha Dog" and become your dog's gentle and confident leader.

Puppy dog behavior

Puppies go through a few critical periods when they are very young. This periods will define most of the dog's personality as an adult. If you understand their behavior, you will be able to grow a friendly and confident dog.

Read and learn about dog training and behavior and leave your comments and questions in the box below.


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