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Dog Training Advice and Beyond

Are you looking for dog training advice? Read these interviews with Top Pet Trainers and other professionals in the field. Learn their stories and their best tips to help you better understand and bond with your furry best friend.

Here, at Dog Training Excellence, we strive for and promote continuous learning. That is why we ask the best in the field for fresh and new ideas.  The more we learn, the better we will understand our pet companions.

And we can learn from many people in different fields from groomers to vets to trainers to artists.

We thank pet experts for their willingness to share their ideas and tips with us. We value their time, opinions, and dedication to all pets around the world. Please check out our interviews below!

November 2016

Doreen McGugan, Chairman of the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland.

"If you decide that you do wish to breed a Golden Retriever litter Please make sure that you have the dog's eyes tested for any problems and have her/his hips and elbows X-rayed to ensure that she or he is healthy."

June 2016

Kelli Bannert, Author and Dog Trainer.

"Your dog isn’t stupid or stubborn. It just doesn’t know what to do, and you need to show them what to do. Service dogs don’t pop out of the womb knowing what to do and how to do it. They have to be shown how to do it, over the course of several years. "

March 2013

Dog training advice from Ali Brown, Author and Reactive Dog Expert.

"Working with a reactive dog is frustrating, embarrassing, disheartening, and it’s a slow process. Learning does not happen in a linear manner, so there are ups and downs. It helps to know there are others out there with a dog like yours."

Nicole Wilde dog trainer

February 2013

Nicole Wilde, Author and Behavior Specialist.

"Probably the most obviously "wolfish" characteristics we see in dogs is prey drive. The difference is that while wolves have the entire sequence--search, eye-stalk, chase, grab, bite, kill--our dogs have truncated sequences."

February 2013

James Cave and Jemma Porter, Pet sitting and traveling Europe.

"We see pet sitting as the perfect win-win situation. For us, we get to travel and have pets in our lives. For the pet owner, they get someone who will take on all of the pet care responsibilities for free."

Nikki Moustaki

January 2013

Nikki Moustaki, lively dog trainer and recognized pet expert.

"When training isn't going my way, I immediately switch to something else. If I'm training a recall and the dog is as jumpy as a jumping bean, running around like mad, maybe I'll turn that into a game -- follow me, I have treats! I just want to open the lines of communication."

Houston dog trainer Abby Harrison

January 2013

Abby Harrison, knowledgable Houston dog trainer.

"Dog training professionals read books, watch videos by various knowledgeable scientists and trainers, attend seminars and we have email groups which allow us to pick other trainer's brains if we need help.  We live to bring you the most up to date information to help you in any way we can about your situation."

Hope you enjoyed the dog training advice and beyond interviews. Check back for new ones coming!


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