Jumping Border Collie

by Tess

I will do anything for treats, just ask mum.

I will do anything for treats, just ask mum.

I have a very active Border Colley dog that likes to jump on people, and whilst I have trained him, I am now questioning if I have used the wrong method. I have never taken my dogs to obedience training but they have always been trained to obey on my very own gentle way.

The way I manage the urge to jump is: when people approach him, I ask that he drop. Enviably somebody wishes to pat him, and this allows those whom have a fear of dogs to feel safe walking past him. He is happy to comply as when he does this he gets a treat.



Hi Tess,

That is one gorgeous Border Colley Dog! What is his name?

Dogs like to jump on people because as puppies they greet their mom by licking her mouth. Unfortunately, human mouths are way too high for them and jumping is the only way they have to give us a kiss! Teaching your dog not to jump is perfect, you taught what we call “an incompatible behavior”. While the dog is laying down, he can’t jump.

Another effective way to teach dogs not to jump is to avoid touching them, looking at them or talking to them while they are jumping. The moment their four paws are on the ground, then reach down to pet them. If the jump again, you ignore them until their four paws are on the ground. If you do this EVERY time, your dog will learn to stay on the floor to get attention. You can then ask other people (friends, family and guests) to do the same thing. This way doesn’t require treats, because the reward is the attention they get.

The important thing is to completely ignore the dog: no pushing him, touching him, looking at him or talking. You must be a perfectly still tree. If the dog tries to jump on your face, turn around…and keep turning around until he has 4 paws on the ground.

If you want to teach your dog to start obeying even when you do not have treats in your hand, this link will teach you how to do it: How to use dog training treats wisely.

Thank you for sharing your dog story with us!

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Jul 10, 2015
jumping border collie
by: Tess

His name is Diesel. Thank you for contributing to my story.

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