My Dog Had Separation Anxiety

by Alejandra

Weimaraner dog with separation anxiety

Weimaraner dog with separation anxiety

We heard about a wonderful Weimaraner in need of a good home. We met him and couldn't resist him! What a surprise we found after the first day we left it home alone…we soon learned what separation anxiety in dogs meant.

My mom loves animals. She always receives e-mails from pet adoption groups or even finds lost animals herself! She told me about a dog in need of a good home, a Weimaraner Dog. My husband loves this breed, that's why she thought of us. The description said it was a very cute adult.

We used to live in a two bedroom apartment, very small. And I was pregnant with my first child but we decided to go and meet the owners and see the dog anyway.

It was love at first sight! He was beautiful and Huge!! The owners told us that they couldn't keep him because they had more dogs. Maluco, was his name, needed a place with someone who could care better for him.

That same day we decided to bring him home with us. Everything went great until the first day we left him alone…

He destroy everything!

It was a disaster. Maluco chewed a column of the house, a mattress, lots of toys and cloths... He even broke the big entrance glass door! He opened the refrigerator, took everything out, ate all the frozen food, broke every dish and shelf and somehow managed to moved the refrigerator and chew the electrical cable! I really don't know how he did all this.

Nobody had told us that he had a real separation anxiety problem and he couldn't stay alone at home. Imagine the size of the dog, he used to weight about 120 pounds. Every time we left the house we had to take him with us.

He was beautiful and we loved him. My husband still misses him but I was pregnant and I couldn't deal with this problem. We were so sad when we realized we would have to give him away.

We looked around and found him a new home! One made for him, a home that would have people around all day long. We talked to the new family about his separation anxiety problem, and they decided to take care of him and adopt him.

Now he is happy and accompanied all the time!

His name is MALUCO. We should have known…

...maluco means "crazy" in Portugues (Brazil).

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Jun 10, 2012
I always love a good ending...
by: Anonymous

I loved your story! I really hope other people learn to be responsible for their dogs the same way you did.

Finding your dog a good home, perfect for his situation was a really good idea!

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