My Grandmother's Dog

by Bronwyn

I've never had a dog of my own, but I would like to tell you about my Grandma's dog. He set the bar for a canine friend I will have some day.

My grandmother's dog was a kelpie-border collie cross, quite a big dog and bright orange in colour like a fox. What I loved most about him was his boundless energy and enthusiasm. I spent a lot of time with him when I was a kid and we were good friends.

I felt like he knew me, and was so happy to see me when I knocked on the door (although he probably welcomed other visitors the same way. We had our games we'd play whenever I came over, most of which involved running and leaping around the big rambling back garden. I'd run as fast as I could and he'd follow me, when I leapt and jumped he'd leap and jump too.

One of his favourite games was to chase after a ball or a stick that someone had thrown, but I'd tire of that game pretty quickly because he never wanted to return the ball!

He was well trained by my grandma, so even though he was a big dog with so much energy, he was also gentle and well behaved. He would sit and stay and stop barking when told to do so, and (almost) never jumped up on people. My mum is scared of most dogs, but even she always felt comfortable around him.

I look forward to the day when I'm settled in one place, in a house with a big yard, and I can get a dog. My first dog is going to be a big orange kelpie cross or a border collie, because these dogs are such lively, loyal and intelligent characters, the sort of companion that lights up a dull day.

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Jun 10, 2012
Don't set up the bar too high!
by: Natalia

That is a sweet story! There is nothing like a childhood dog friend. I had one too! And he is still my favorite dog.

I just wanted to tell you that when you have your own dog, don't set your expectations too high or you might be disappointed!

A dog owner has a lot of responsibility when it comes to having a well behaved pet. You will have the dog of your dreams if you train him regularly and accept all of his doggy behaviors!

It is a lot easier to empathize with a dog when you are a kid! When you are a grownup...well, lets just say we are not as playful as we used to be.

I hope you can get your dog one day, and that you two become best friends!

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