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Effective Dog Walking Flyer:
design and content tips

To make a great dog walking flyer you need to think outside the box. The first thing that comes to mind is “I need a great looking logo or picture to attract more customers”, but this is not the right approach, or at least, it's not the only one.

There are plenty of awesome looking dog pictures to look at everywhere, what you need to give your potential customers is a preview of yourself: a friendly and knowledgeable dog walker.

How do you do it? Give your potential customers something useful, like an informational flyer. This will establish you as someone with knowledge and will get you dog walker jobs!

Another important aspect is referrals, specially referrals from other pet professionals such as vets. You need to network with them and also create a flyer that they are likely to distribute.

To start designing a dog walking flyer you need to know how you are going to distribute them.

Are you planning on spending your weekends at the dog park handing out dog walker flyers? Will you be dropping them off at Vet offices in your area? Well, this is the usual approach but like I said before, we are going to do something completely different that will make your flyers worth distributing, picking up and reading them.

To do this you need to design an informational flyer, this means a leaflet with tips and advice on important dog issues. Only at the end of the flyer you will suggest the reader to consider hiring your services. Why? Because people are more likely to read a pamphlet about dog walking tips than a series of bullet points enumerating why your business is the best. Besides, some people don’t even know they are in need of your dog walking services and by using a flyer you are introducing yourself in a friendly manner. Once they are in need of a dog walker, they won’t hesitate to call you!

Dog walking flyers that you can distribute at the dog park or on the street:

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, what dog problems are they more likely to be dealing with? Pick a topic and write a short “Dog _______ Tips from your Dog Walker” flyer (For example Dog Walking Tips). Do your research and write something that is actually useful! Come up with about 10 useful tips to write about and then at the end you can introduce yourself and your contact info. It is that simple!

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Dog walking flyers that can be distributed by your neighborhood Vet, dog trainer, doggy day care or dog specialty store.

Handing out leaflets should not be your only source of new dog walking jobs, you need other pet professionals to think about you when one of their own clients is in need of a dog walker. Keep in mind that you will need to buy lots of flyers to distribute but because you are doing it the smart way, it will be money well spent.

Find the perfect flyer tempate at BestTemplates.com

There are several ways to make a good impression and get referrals from other canine professionals for your dog walking business:

  • Like their Facebook and twitter pages and interact with their posts. 
  • If you come by an interesting article that your think will benefit THEIR business, send it along. It can be pet related, business related or anything that can spark a friendly conversation.
  • Create a useful flyer for them to give out to clients, when clients have questions. This one will be slightly different from the one mentioned before and I will go into more detail next.

Always be sincere and approach pet business that you trust and respect. This is important because it is likely that you will be referring customers to them too in the future.

To create a flyer for vets (or any other pet professional) to give out to their clients you need to again, think about what canine problems people are worried about and will ask their vet/dog trainer/pet store staff?

It can be the same topic I mentioned above “Dog Walking Tips” but the difference is that now you need to add both your information as well as the information of your potential referral source. The idea is that the vet will be willing to give out this flyer because:

  1. It has good information and
  2. It actually has their information on the flyer.

The important thing is that YOUR information will also be present and when these customers realize they need a dog walker they will definitely pick you. Why? Because they now associate you with their vet (which they already trust) and they liked the informational flyer. Now you can drop-off flyers that will be distributed for you! Make sure you talk to the office staff, vet and vet tech to introduce yourself and explain your flyer.

I wish you the best getting the dog walking jobs you need! Please share with us your story or leave your comments and questions in the box below.

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