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How to Stop Barking Dogs Tutorial

How to stop barking dogs? This tutorial is for hounds that are too excited to meet other canines. These are not aggressive dogs, although many times they are mistakenly labeled that way. 

If you have a joyful and full of energy hound that gets too excited at the sight of other dogs it is time to teach him manners. Your pooch might be the friendliest hound in the block but if not polite, other dogs will not think so.

Your dog may also be under-socialized or have had bad associations with other dogs, so he feels threatened when he sees one and barks to keep it away.

This article will help you stop dogs from barking at each other. If you think your dog barks for other reasons (guarding, alert, fear, etc.) read the main barking article to find solutions.

Why does your dog gets bark at the sight of other dogs?

How to stop barking dogs? First you need to understand a little bit why your dog feels like barking, this may help you create an efficient dog barking program.

  • As a puppy he never had the chance to learn appropriate play manners. He only played with other puppies and for long periods of time, meaning that they always got to play too roughly and didn't have a chance to take breaks and cool down. No older dogs were around to teach him when to stop.
  • Your hound doesn't get the chance to see other dogs too often. When he does, his happiness is so big that he can't control himself!
  • Your mongrel lacked socialization with other dogs and is now afraid of them, barking is his way to keep them far away. If you think this is your case, please follow this link to learn how to help dogs that bark out of fear.
dogs barking at each other

How to stop barking dogs exercises:

1- To plan how to stop barking dogs, you must learn about dog body language. This is going to be very important to read your hound's emotions. Once you understand how canine communication happens through body postures, you will also be able to predict which dogs do not have friendly intentions towards your pooch. If you find yourself in a situation like that, remove your pet immediately, simply walk away.

2- Avoid getting near other dogs for about week to help your dog de-stress. If you come across other dogs during walks, calmly cross the street or turn around and go a different route. If your pooch "sees" the other dog and doesn't bark, you can give him a food reward. After a week you can start getting closer and closer before you turn around. The idea is to teach your hound to stay calm when another dog approaches, you will do it in small steps so your dog can succeed at staying quiet. Read about systematic desensitization for more help on this.

3- Socialize your dog to other dogs. Take him to dog parks or doggy play groups and make sure that you interrupt the play every 5-10 minutes. The idea is to prevent your pooch to get too over excited or stressed during play. During the break you can walk calmly around the perimeter of the playground or work on obedience exercises.

4- Walk your dog along with another dog. If you have friendly neighbors with hounds of their own ask them to go on walks together. In the beginning, you can both walk towards the same direction but on opposite sides of the road. You want to do this so your canine friend can succeed and walk calmly. As you practice more and more you can start walking the dogs closer and closer together until you are side by side. Now you pooch can walk with another dog without going crazy!

5- Reward your dog for greeting other hounds politely (sniffing but not barking or jumping on them).

6- Always remain calm yourself. If your dog senses you are stressed, he will become stressed too. With practice and consistency your dog will learn not to bark at other dogs but simply sniff and wag his tail.

Please feel free to share your tips on how to stop barking dogs, ask questions or make comments in the box below.

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