My Dog Angelic Looks Can Fool You!

by Luba
(Walnut Creek, Ca)

The mean, lean, biting machine

The mean, lean, biting machine

"Just because I'm standing here looking completely approachable, be wary! I am a force to be reckoned with, so don't even think about fondling or fussing over me."


Thank you for this great dog body language picture of Lambchop! It is absolutely true that you can't trust a dog just because it looks adorable and huggable.
If you look carefully at Lambchop's photo you will notice several dog body language cues that might be early warning signs:

  • The animal's ears are up and forward. This means that Lambchop is definitely alert and aroused. Is it a playful mood or concern? You should always look at more than one body cue to try and guess what the hound's mood is.

  • The animal's body looks "tall" and slightly forward. This tells us that Lambchop is a confident canine and probably won't be afraid of "telling" us his opinion about cuddling if we try it!

  • The animal is doing a direct stare. Lambchop is looking straight into our eyes. In canine language, direct eye contact can most certainly be threatening. Lambchop is fooling us with those beautiful, round and black eyes. Who wouldn't fall for them? If a dog is looking straight into your eyes (and it's not your pet), be very careful, turn your head away and move slowly.

Even though Lambchop looks like a fluffy cloud that you want to hold in your arms and hug, there are many early canine body language signs that can warn us!

This dog body language picture is an excellent example of why we should learn about how our furry friends communicate. It could prevent many incidents and make everyone happy overall. It also feels great to "speak" dog!

Learn about dog body language, be a confident and gentle leader to your pet and have fun!

Thanks Luba for sharing this great picture with us!

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Go small dogs!
by: Anonymous

I have a small dog that also looks cute, but he WILL let you know when you have come too far!

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