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Stopping neighbor dogs from barking tips

Stopping neighbor dogs from barking is an uncomfortable but necessary task. A constant barking noise can be stressful for you and probably other neighbors as well. The good news is that you can stop your neighbors barking dog using positive training techniques with both dogs and humans!

Scroll through the tips below to find your best action plan to finally quiet a nuisance barking dog in the best way possible. Always try to be sensitive and empathize with your neighbor, who is probably having a hard time too.

Stopping neighbor dogs from barking requires your patience and understanding.

Hounds bark for many reasons, including communication. Before you can start a plan to stop your neighbors dog barking, you need to accept that some amount of barking should be allowed. That said, constant barking throughout the day or night is frustrating to you (and most likely the dog owner too!). This means that complaining about the nuisance canine barking will get people even more frustrated. Instead, try offering help.

You might be tempted to simply buy a dog barking collar to stop neighbors dog barking, but believe me when I tell you that the use of positive dog training methods is more humane, effective and the results will last longer.

The secret to your success will be to wisely apply these methods to both the dog and the owner.

Training your neighbor to train his/her dog

As a good positive animal trainer you need to understand the power of rewards. These can motivate and increase the likelihood of a good behavior to be performed repeatedly. Beware that what _you_ see as a reward, might not be one for another person or animal. Pay attention to what the dog/person likes instead, and use it to your advantage when stopping neighbor dogs from barking.

neighbor dog barking complaint

Tip #1: Be friendly and helpful about it.

I understand you are so frustrated you just want to bang in your neighbors door and scream as loud as the dog to make him quiet. You know this won’t work. So, lets try the COMPLETE OPPOSITE.

It is time to bake (or buy some goodies) for both your neighbor and his/her pooch. Pay them a visit and make some social conversation (throw in a few compliments for the dog, owners can’t resist this!). Then, casually comment that you found this awesome dog training website and have been trying some of the tricks (if you have a dog, otherwise say you have been dying to try them on any dog). Bring out the dog treats and ask your neighbor if you can try teaching the dog to sit. If your friend’s hound already knows some tricks, then let your neighbor show off.

On your next visit, mention that you have noticed the dog has been barking incessantly and you wonder if he is OK or if there might be something wrong. This way, instead of sounding accusative, you are showing concern for the hound. Offer tips and your help in training if necessary. Who knows, you might even have fun having a joint project to help the dog. The following page will guide you through all the steps to find out why the dog is barking and find the right solution.

Just make sure you are not pushy or bossy. It is important that you show true concern for the problem as well as for the dog itself. You don’t want to ruin your relationship with your neighbor.

Tip #2: Stopping neighbor dogs from barking by writing a letter of complaint.

If you don’t feel like getting too involved in stopping neighbor dogs from barking, or you are not in speaking terms with your neighbor, you can write a letter or e-mail of complaint. But because we are positive trainers, we will call this a letter of help. Here is a barking dog sample letter you can adjust for your particular situation:

Dear neighbor,

I am writing this letter because I have noticed that your dog (dog’s name if you know it) has been barking incessantly during the day/night. I have to admit that the noise has been stressing me out because I can’t focus on my work/sleep at night. I am sure it has affected you as well, especially knowing that something might be bothering your pet (dog’s name) to make him react that way.

I have been doing some research to try and help out in solving this dog barking problem. I learned that there is always a reason behind excessive dog barking and most of the time a training solution can help your hound relax. Please visit https://www.dog-training-excellence.com/stop-dog-barking.html to find easy step-by-step guides. You can even ask the owner of the website questions if you have doubts.

Thank you for you attention to this issue,
Your neighbor. (You may want to maintain anonymity)

Tip #3: Why anti-barking devices might be a waste of your money to stop neighbors dog barking.

I have heard and read many people recommend to just buy an ultrasonic anti-barking device. These devices are activated when dogs bark and produce a sound that is painful to them potentially stopping neighbor dogs from barking.

The principle behind these devices is the use of punishment, which is ineffective for several reasons. Additionally, most of these ultrasonic gadgets are also activated by other sounds (punishing the dog even when not barking). The worst part is that they can affect other pets in the area as well.

Try persuading your neighbor to train his/her mongrel to stop barking first, or at the very least, to combine a dog collar with training techniques.

Tip #4: Call animal control or law enforcement to report neighbors barking dog.

It is entirely acceptable to feel like your neighbor’s dog “bad” behavior is not your problem to solve.

In this case calling law enforcement to take care of the problem is your option. I don’t recommend this as your first approach unless you have a really hard-to-talk-to neighbor.

The main problem with calling law-enforcement is that they can only do so much. If your neighbor doesn’t know how to solve the problem, the police won’t tell him/her how either. Remember, your neighbor is probably just as stressed out about the barking as you, maybe even more so because he/she is also concerned about her furry friend.

stopping neighbor dogs from barking infographic

Tip #5: Stopping neighbors dog from barking by becoming a doggy detective.

If everything else fails and you can’t take it anymore, then find out why your neighbor’s dog is barking and use or recommend the appropriate solution. Most hounds will bark inside the house or in the yard for the following reasons (each link will take you to a solution page):

Tip #6: Suggest outside help to stop your neighbors barking dog.

The most devastating hound barking reason is separation anxiety (not to be confused with simple dog boredom). In this case the dog is truly having a hard time and the owner is just as frustrated because training takes a lot of time and effort (that most working families do not have).

Additionally, the dog is probably destroying your neighbor's home or inflicting self-injuries. True separation anxiety is less common than what people think, but when it happens it is stressful and hard to overcome.

A dog walker or doggy daycare may be the solution to stopping neighbor dogs from barking

Stopping neighbor dogs from barking might be easy or hard depending the relationship you have with the person living next door and the reason the hound is being so loud. Even if you are not a dog person, understand that the owner of the barking dog loves his canine like a child, so finding a friendly and positive solution will always be better than accusations or insults.

I would love to hear if you succeeded stopping your neighbor dogs from barking or not. Leave your questions or comments in the box below!

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