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Frustrated Dog Walker No More!

Are you a frustrated dog walker? If you are having trouble managing a pack of dogs during your daily job walks, this article will lead you to all the knowledge you need. Canine learning theory will change the way you look at your customer's mongrels forever. I put together a series of articles for you to read and become the best and most skilled dog walker. From canine learning theory, dog behavior and the best training methods to solving any problem step-by-step guides. Grab a comfy chair and read on...

Frustrated dog walker

How do dogs learn? A guide for a frustrated dog walker

There are 3 main concepts you will need to learn and understand about learning theory. Once you grasp these principles, you will see that ALL training methods are based on these animal psychology notions.

Classical Conditioning: Is the principle by which animals learn to associate two events. The first event originally has no meaning, like a sound or sight. The second one is usually something the dog either wants or hates, like food, water, social interactions or pain.

Operant Conditioning: Is the principle by which animals learn to associated their actions with consequences. 

Extinction: Is the principle by which animals learn new information that is in disagreement with old information. When you first learn about it, it sounds a lot like forgetting, but it is not. This will come in useful to get rid of unwanted behaviors.

Dog behavior info to avert being a frustrated dog walker

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Leader of the pack: You have probably heard that to be the alpha dog you must show your hound "who is the boss" by putting him down and standing on him. That is WRONG. The truth is that you need to show your dog that you are a kind and fair leader that keeps the pack protected and safe.

Canine communication: It is not about barking, its about body language! Learning how to read dog body language will help you prevent any canine disaster!

The best dog training methods for frustrated dog walkers

Luring: Use food to get the animal do whatever you want. His nose will follow the food to the end of the world!

Capturing: Wait for the dog to do the right thing...then reward him!

Shaping: This method is an extension of the previous one and it is useful for complex behaviors.

Clicker Training: A great tool to keep dogs attentive because the sound is sharp and distinct. It is not a tool to call the dog's attention, instead it is used as a reward.

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How to apply dog training techniques for success!

Marker Word: This word will be use as a reward, but it needs to be trained. Its function is the same as the clicker.

Dog treats: How to use treats correctly so the hounds respond even in the absence of food.

Reliable command: Training a reliable command takes time and practice, but it also requires you to apply all the information above in a correct manner. This step-by-step guide will show you how.

Hand signals: Canines are visually oriented and will respond to hand signals or body postures better than words. This guide shows you how to use them.

Some useful commands to get dogs focused on you or distract them with attention exercises if they are getting a little to roudy: Sit, down, stand, stay, touch.

Resolving dog behavior issues
                                     like a professional dog walker

Leash training: It should be easy enough, but these tips will help you manage the pack of dogs a lot better.

Fear and aggression: Systematic desensitization and counterconditioning are two techniques you need to use in these cases. A lot of patience and practice is a must too!

Stop the barking! It is all about finding out why the dogs are being so loud and then applying the right solution. Teaching pooches the Speak/Quiet commands can also be very helpful.

Teach every hound to "Ask for permission", that way you will be able to prevent a lot of escapes!

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